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Welcome To Seated Health Center & More!


What are you waiting for? You should be up and moving. Seated exercises are the natural progression to help you rise. Seniors, surgical patients, and the obese have a diminished range of motion in their hips and knees which can make standing difficult sometimes. By the way, this is not just for seniors but for absolutely everyone! Young and old, beginners to those already in the groove. Everyone is invited!

And there's MORE! Seated Health Center has a variety of classes for everyone to enjoy and many give you the same level of benefits as our seated exercise classes. Our wide range of classes includes Chair Yoga for limited mobility, Zumba, Dodgeball, and Ballroon Dancing. Insurance and Self Paying Options are also available. It's for ANYONE and EVERYONE to enjoy!

Exercise helps to have less joint pain and stiffness. No movement for long periods of time (especially on hard surfaces) can lead to stiffness in your joints and muscles - with seated exercises this is lessened. It also boosts mood & concentration levels! Physical activity is proven to elevate mood and concentration levels, so why not try chair exercise that doesn't require too much energy? Seated exercises offer the perfect solution.

Did you know that excercise helps to improves blood circulation? The decreased blood flow that occurs when inactive can lead to dry skin and increased susceptibility to infections. With seated exercises, the increased blood flow will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

What makes us different from the rest is that we have FUN!! FUN!! FUN!! Prizes will be given away in every class. Never has doing exercise ever been as much fun to do until you do it with us! You will laugh and have fun the entire time you're there.




For more information about your FREE class, leave a message on the CONTACT page and one of our staff will get in contact soon.

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